How To Get Free Bitcoins is a site which will show you many ways to get free Bitcoins without mining. In the front end you can commenting on each site and like/dislike each of them. In the back end you can manage categories, links and comments.

Made with: PHP OOP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, Git, LESS, Bootstrap v3.

A Bitcoin converter in Swedish is a site which can help you to check the value of Bitcoin’s current value in a different major currencies. Since there are basically none of these Bitcoin converters in Swedish I thought it would be fun to make one and got interested in these coins a few weeks ago.
Also made a different version of it using AJAX, JSON.

Made with: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Git, LESS, Bootstrap v3, AJAX, JSON and PHP.

A Photo Gallery Made with PHP

Just finished with a photo gallery script made with PHP. In the front end you can view the photos and commenting them and in the back end you can upload photos, edit caption and description about the photos and delete photos. You can also view comments and delete them in the back end.

Made with: PHP OOP, MySQL, Bootstrap v3, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Git and jQuery.

Version 2 of Swedish News Feed Site

Back in middle of Mars this year I created a Swedish news feed. Thought the design was boring and ugly so I decided to redesign it again and make some improvements. Now I’m using the Bootstrap v3 instead of the previous framework which will let the site scale in any portable devices.

Made with: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Git, jQuery, Bootstrap v3 and PHP, SimplePie.

Two SEO Services Feed Sites

Just finished with two really fast coded SEO service feed sites and The sites list SEO services that costs $1 and using an existing api which made it easy.

Made with: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Git, jQuery, Bootstrap v3 and PHP.