This is my very first post about my thoughts on photography and things related to it.

Should you buy UV filters for your lenses?

The short answer is: No.

The longer answer:
You really don’t need UV filters. What I have learned is that the more things you put in front of your lens the more you degrade your images. Lenses are already got multi coatings and can deal with UV lights. Lenses are also very tough, they don’t get scratched that easily as many think. UV filters seem like a thing camera sales man endorsed you to have but are so unnecessary. Unless you’re in a toxic environment that can damage your lens, but then you should worry more about your life instead I think šŸ™‚
We are all consumers, the more we educate ourselves the more we can make wiser decisions and spent our hard worked money wisely. I bought some used lenses and most of them have UV filters on them, I felt a bit sorry for the last owner of the lens who had a UV filter on that lens. If she/he knew about them I don’t think they would spend $15-20 or more on a piece of glass that is essentially doing nothing besides to take a bit of your wallet.

Here are some videos regarding this subject.

What are your thoughts about UV filters? Do you use them or not? Share your experience in the comment section below.